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Hi, Are these considered as my referrals? 1. On the sign up page, other sbscriptions are offerered and are subscribed. 2. TradePub sends mail to the referrer and he signs up to more offers 3. The referrer leaves the site and comes back later to sign up Also can you tell me how long it usually takes for a sign up to show in the report. Regards
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Hi halcyon,

1. yes, you are privy to those subscriptions.

2. Yes, our Thank You or confirmation messages promote other offers. You are privy to commissions on these too.

3. Yes assuming that the user comes back through your co-branded site, you will be paid. If not, unfortunately there is no way to track that subscription.

Lastly, the signups should show in the reports in 24 hours. The reports are updated daily.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks. I must say this makes your program one of the most generous on the net.

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Under point 2 you mentioned that subscribers signing up from follow up emails from TradePub qualify under my referral id. But the emails being sent out from TradePub do not contain my affiliate link.

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Hi Halcyon,

Karen is out today and I'm answering in her absence.

The specific example Karen was referring to relates to when/if a user opts-in to receive our email newsletter. This is completely different than the emails all users receive upon completing a request through your site.

As you mentioned, any emails that your audience receives directly tied to the request they made through your site will correctly be formatted with the proper partner referral ID.

I hope this helps to clear up the confusion.