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Just wondering if you folks have a recommendation about which landing pages to use to max out conversions. Right now we're directing people the the summary page for each publication, but wondering whether it might be better to direct people to the actual signup form page. Ideas? PS. Great work on the new colors for the wizard. PPS. Still not getting updates on new additions, and still hoping and praying for notification function of discontinued offers.
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We've noticed that linking directly to the sign-up form (when promoting a static offer) often has a better conversion rate. When you take out one step or click, people follow-through a little more. Give it a shot and see if your subs go up. Let us know how it works out for you.

As for updates on the new additions, where did you subscribe for this feature? We do offer it as an RSS feed. You can choose which categories you'd like to to see updates for here: We haven't had any complaints that it's not working but keep me posted if you don't get anything after signing up there.

Lastly, at this point we don't have any notifications set up for discontinued offers.

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I signed up for updates via email using the signup box at the bottom left on Weeks ago. Nothin.

We NEED to track impressions and ctr for offers, and since you don't offer that ability, we need to track them at our end, which means that we can really ONLY use manually created links to specific publications (those we can track).

So, what's going to happen is we're going to have all these offers advertised, and eventually many of them will be invalid, which is a major problem for us, and for you, and lost revenue.

Which is why we need expired offer notification OR, proper statistics at your end.

Anyway, thanks for the answer to the landing page question. I'll experiment and see what happens.

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Ah ha! I see what email update you're referring to. When you entered your email address did you ever get the "confirmation needed" email? Did you reply to that email to confirm you wanted to receive the emails? If not, try signing up again and going through that process.

Separately, although we don't have a function to tell you each and every time one single offer is removed, we do have an XML catalog you may be interested in leveraging.

The XML file refreshes multiple times per day. If any new content is added, the content is automatically updated on the XML file and if offers are expired they "disappear" from this file.

The catalog includes about a dozen or so different data attributes per offer allowing you a ton of flexibility in how you re-purpose and integrate our content.

Do you want to try this feature? I'd be happy to send you more information.

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Thanks, Karen. I'll probably get around to using the rss feed for new stuff, but it won't be adequate for ended offers.

As for the email update. I tried to use it again last week by typing in my email address, and I got an "already subscribed" notice. So I'm "in there". I'm just not getting anything in email.

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Christian - I sent the XML info to you this morning.

Work911 - I'll dig into the email update feature and see what I can find out. Again, let me know if you'd like to try out the XML feed to get an updated list of offers at your leisure.

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Yes, please on the XML.

Having offers come and go is a real problem. Today, two more offers were ended that we use(d), so we ended up sending people to pages they aren't really interested in.

I don't know what the solution is going to be for us, particularly for offers which run for a few days, then end, then restart.

They are high paying offersand offers that are dead on for our visitors. Otherwise we wouldn't bother.

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I’m sending over the XML info now. If you utilize that feed, it will show you only offers that are available at that time. Be sure to refresh the feed at least once per day so you can be assured that you're always offering your audience the freshest content.

Additionally, if you use any of the creatives from the wizard, the expired offers are automatically removed so your audience will never click an expired offer.

Just like you said, you don’t know the solution for you but we’re more than happy to find one. We just need more specific information about what you’re doing now and what you’re hoping to do. We’ll work with you to the best of our abilities to provide you with what you need to be a success. Feel free to contact your account manager to talk through the details so we can get things running the way you need.

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Karen, you said:

"Additionally, if you use any of the creatives from the wizard, the expired offers are automatically removed so your audience will never click an expired offer."

Karen, I believe what you wrote above is incorrect. It doesn't seem to apply to wizard text output. For example if you generate extended text with embedded offers, the links contained in the generated code are STATIC, which means they can't possibly be updated at your end. Or do I have this wrong?

Not only that but when you generate the code using generate code button, the code will probably NOT match the sample given, and it will change each time you hit the generate code. This is likely to be confusing to people.

As for what I'm trying to do here is the summary. First, though, we are looking at what we believe could be $100 a day revenue if we have the proper tools which we currently do not.

We have several sites which are tight niches that match some of your offers. For example, we have sites on both performance management, and customer service. You have (sometimes, but not always), offers that fit perfectly. BUT, we need to handpick them. The use of the wizard isn't accurate enough, and we get too much junk.

Also, we need to track CTR and impressions, which is something so basic I'm shocked that you do not offer that facility. We cannot track those numbers ourselves(at least CTR) when we use your javascipt code. We can only track and optimize individual offer code.

So, right now as an example, we display four offers on our performance appraisals site that pay really well. But wait. Last night two of the offers were ended, but of course we have no way of knowing that easily. So, here we are sending people to dead offers, which makes us look bad. Yes we could check once a day all of the offers we display on our sites (at present about 15), but there's no way that's going to happen. We did discover the two ended offers pretty much by accident this morning, but after having sent some people to a page they would not be interested in.

This all seems pretty straight-forward to me. There are only a limited number of offers that fit our visitors, but when they fit, they fit really really well. We want to show those. We want to be able to optimize for CTR, and conversions. We need data. We do not want to send our visitors to expired offers. We do not want to display irrelevant offers.

We need to search for relevant offers. Your search function is broken (sorry, I'm glad it works for you, but it sure as hell doesn't work for us). We need to be notified of new offers (sorry, but we have received zero update emails, but you have us on your subscription list).

We need:

proper tools
simplicity and flexibility
ability to have things work properly
Enough data to self-optimize

The more time we have to spend on this, the less attractive it is for us. It's basic business.

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You caught me! You are correct that the embedded offers in the text outputs do not rotate. I should have been more clear in my previous response. The non-rotation in this function is intentional seeing that partners have overwhelmingly stated that they would not accept rotating content being embedded as content within their page. With that being the case, if you want rotating offers in text format just let us know and we’ll quickly assemble the module.

The wizard is perfect for partners looking to promote offers that meet their high-level criteria without specifically honing in on select offers. This is not mandatory and any partner can opt to promote specific offers vs. letting the widgets drive the promotions if they so choose. I completely agree that the wizard isn’t a great use to you for the specific promotions you have been looking for; and, that is why you have an Account Manager to speak to regarding these issues. Laurie, your Account Manager, is here to help and would gladly feed you featured offers each week relating to your needs if you would like that. Just let her know what you are looking for and she’ll be sure to follow through.

We’re moving forward with more detailed tracking data on impressions, clicks, and other data points but it will still be some time before we’re ready to roll that out. While the concept of tracking clicks is extremely easy for anyone to understand (us included :)), doing it for over 5,000 partners globally leveraging literally thousands of different promotional methods requires serious architecture and infrastructure considerations. It’s on our radar and we know this is important.

I really do encourage you to leverage our XML feed so you can avoid the example of promoting 4 offers on one page only to find out that a few offers came down. If you leveraged the XML feed to call offers relating to only "CRM" or "Employee Performance" and simply updated the call each day, you would guarantee yourself the removal of this problem from your plate. Many partners use this tool and have seen great success.

We share your passion for success and will not rest until you are pleased. With all of the above being said, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you rely on your Account Manager to address these issues.

We look forward to your continued support and Laurie will be in touch to continue our discussions.

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Thanks for your detailed reply. Even with the occasional frustrations, I'm very pleased with how January turned out for us here, and we are looking forward to an even better Febrary. No doubt you can see that we're fairly serious about investing our time to implement revresponse for maximum benefit, and that's why I'm hoping for better tools over time.

A specific question. Could you direct me (or perhaps someone else can) to a site that is using the xml feeds? I'm not clear about how to use them to best effect, and would like to see them in action, and learn more about how to use them. Thanks.

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We're happy to explain. We'll send you over some examples via email so keep an eye out.

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Hi Karen,

I'm just wondering why the answer has to be emailed to the inquirer. Is it possible to just post the message here so that we will all benefit from the info?



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Hi Ismael,

The reason I didn't post the response here is that we have a PDF category mapping table that I had to send along. Here's the basic XML information. I'll go ahead an post the mapping information here (it's going to be a long post).

Here’s the information about the XML feed:

The feed contains the following fields for each publication in our catalog:
<PubName> - Name of the Publication
<PubCategory> - Category Code (See below for full category names)
<PubCode> - our code for each pub
<PubShortDescription> - Short description (one line)
<PubDescription> - Long description (one paragraph, with HTML tags)
<PubMeta> - meta tags for the pub, if you want to drive search
<PubURL> - URL for the pub "splash" page, which has more info on the pub
<PubSubscriptionURL> - Subscription URL (qualification form) for the pub
<ImageName> - Name of the image file
<ImageURL> - Full URL for the pub image

The catalog is refreshed daily at 1 AM (PST). There are daily updates to the catalog — adds, drops, and form changes — so it is important that you update your copy of the catalog on a regular basis (preferably daily; no less than weekly) to ensure that your list of pubs is always current.

Our live catalog feed is available in raw XML:

or CSV format:

** for other partners, please swap out "best managementarticles" with the name you see on your co-branded page. Whatever your sitename is - - is what you will place in that part of the code. **

Be sure to view the feed in Internet Explorer to view the full feature set.

Here is a category mapping table, which maps our category codes to their full category names. That table can be used for easy reference. If you plan to display this content on your site, we recommend calling and updating the file on a daily basis, since our titles do change frequently.

Category Code -- Category Name
Ag -- Agriculture
Auto -- Automotive
Biop -- Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Comp -- Computers
Cons -- Construction
Edu -- Education
Eng -- Engineering
Exec -- Executive & Management
Fi -- Finance
Foodb -- Food & Beverage
Govt -- Government
Heal -- Healthcare
Hr -- Human Resources
Ind -- Industrial & Manufacturing
Inet -- Internet
Info -- Information Technology
Infodm -- IT – Data Management
Infosec -- IT – Security
Infosoft -- IT – Software & Development
Infostor -- IT - Storage
Insur -- Insurance
Mech -- Mechanical / Machine
Mect -- Meetings & Travel
Media -- Multimedia
Net -- Network / Communications
Pur -- Purchasing & Procurement
Retl -- Retail
Sale -- Sales & Marketing
Small -- Small & Medium Business
Tele -- Telecom & Wireless
Trade -- Trade / Professional Services
Trans -- Transportation & Logistics
Util -- Utility & Energy

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Hi Karen and All,

Wouldn't it be nice to also have "hotness", popularity and earnings potential of every offer listed in the XML catalog as well, as this info presumably gets aggregated in real time. This is the information that is already available in the HTML version of the catalog which is published on the web. Putting it into the XML would enable Revresponse marketers to filter out the offers with the best potential automatically. One could anticipate resyndicating the master XML on the basis of a set of criteria and publishing their own (an individual marketer's) RSS feed based on that. For example someone may want to create an RSS feed with only the hottest offers from only the IT area (combining several categories) and someone else may have some other ideas. The more diversity there is, the lower is a chance that individual marketes end up competing against each other in the search engine marketing segment.

My two cents...
Good work!

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Hi MK,

Great suggestion. We're already thinking along these lines and hope to have future releases that more adequately address your request.

It's comments like yours that keep pushing us forward...thanks for acknowledging our program.


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I need to see also my that xml file too.

Please send it me to update my blog.


Karen's picture

Hi Gino,

I've emailed you the XML information.

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Hi karen, I am also interested in XML Catalog optimization. Could you also send it to me please? Thanks and Regards

Karen's picture

Hi Alfaro,

I have emailed you the information you requested. Let me know if you have additional questions.

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Hi Karen,
We would be very interested in the catalog. Could you send me a link to the documentation and an API key if needed. Many thanks, Christian

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Hi Karen,

thanks for that great support that you guys offer. I'd be very interested in that XML Catalogue and also in how I can integrate it in my site. Check out my site I created a new category "Resource Center" and I'd like the catalogue to be integrated seamlessly if possible.

Looking forward to your feedback!


BAMBIZ.BIZ - The #1 Open Content Business Platform For Entrepreneurs

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Hi Dava aka BAMBIZ,

I'm replying on Karen's behalf since she'll be out of the office for a few days.

I took a look at your site and was quite impressed with what you have done. The site is very well polished with tons of compelling content. Additionally, the custom widget you have running for us on the right side of the page is nicely designed.

With regards to your specific question, I get the sense that we may be able to address your request via a little more simplistic path. If you have any HTML experience whatsoever, you may want to check out our Site Wizard available via the link below:

This tool allows you to easily slap the wrapper onto your site for seamless integration into your UI. Take a look and let me know if this will be a viable solution. If not, we'll run through the details of using our XML catalog.


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Hi Karen,

I'm also interested in using the xml catalog. Could you send it to me along with the documentation on how to use it?


Karen's picture

Hi Helen - The email is on its way!

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Hi Karen, I'm interested in XML catalog too, can you send me the file ? Thanks.

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Hi Sumanto,
If you scroll down a little further on this thread you'll see the XML catalog is listed there. I'll also email you the information.

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Please send us XML implementation guide, need to know all the attributes which can be used while calling xml request.

My main concern is whether we can filter offers based on country or not.


Karen's picture

I am emailing you the information now. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions once you receive it.