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I think creating a blog is a great way to help promote any site. By attaching a blog to your site, or having one that is standalone, you can reach more people than you would by just having a site. Most hosting providers offer blog software or you can use an outside company like or WordPress is cool and has many options and add-ons that you can get. I have two WordPress blogs. But I have about 30 blogs that use Blogger and there are a couple of reasons why they work better for me. 1) I started with a Blogger blog hosted on Blogger. I had that for a long time and then I later created a second blog, but I set it up to be hosted on a domain that was on the same topic of web marketing. Blogger can send it's files to your site via FTP and upload the blog remotely. So while the files are on my web site, the database, template, and all the other stuff is taken care of by blogger. Both of my Wordpress blogs are hosted on my hosting account server, so if there are updates that are needed or any problems, I'm mostly on my own. 2) I update my blogs via email. You have to do some testing with this, since some email formats can really look bad when posted to a blog. For me I just use an email that is in HTML format, and keep the width of the email somewhat narrow if a fixed width, but ideally with a "floating" width. You can use text emails, but test them before publishing and you may see some of the things that can happen to make them look odd. Oh, make sure the "Subject" of your email does not say "FW:" or "RE:" because that becomes the title of the blog post. I've tried posting to my WordPress blogs and tried different formatting, but I just can't seem to get to work as well as I can with Blogger. In both cases you have to create a special email address that you use to post with. I have never had a problem with Blogger, but twice now I have had spammers figure out what the email address was and post spam to my WordPress blogs. After the second time of changing the email address, I just turned if off...! You can use blogs in a couple of ways to promote your site or specific publications: a) Create blog posts on any subject and where appropriate you can link to a publication that is on the topic of the text you create for the link. Or b) you can create a blog post that is a review of the publication you wish to promote. This can be great when you run our of things to post about since you should try and commit to posting EVERY DAY, or at least once a week. And I have to say I think the new partner tools provide some great options for adding publication content into the posts. I've used them a couple of times already...! :-)
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