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Hi everyone. I'm a new member and partner selling Tradepub mags on my site. Great!! I also have blogs: nkos.wordpress.com (literature), diski.wordpress.com (soccer) and bizventures.wordpress.com (small business). How do I put these onto my account? And if that is acceptable, can they all be administered under my account? I am also a property entrepreneur and will start a property blog soon, which I will bring in under the account if rules permit. Any suggestions? Kind regards
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Hi Nkosana - there is no limit to the number of sites you can use to promote our TradePub.com offers. My only suggestion is that you make sure the offers you promote on those sites match your audience needs. You know your audience better than I do, but I'm not sure we have too many offers that would appeal to the readers of your literature or soccer blogs. On the other hand, we definitely have offers for your small business site.

I can add your B2B related sites to your current account so they can all be managed by your current RevResponse username and password. Please send me an email kschubert@netline.com letting me know which of your sites you'd like to add to your account and I'll get you set up.

Again, consider the content we have available at www.tradepub.com, and then determine which sites you feel will be most successful. Send me an email and then I'll set you up!

I'll look forward to your contact.

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Thanks for your email. I've put in a request to get your additional site added to your account.