Content Over Commerce: A Publisher’s Strategy to Increase Revenue +126%

Digital publishers today are struggling to monetize their audience without relying on pesky affiliate promotions and pay-walls that demand money from their readers.

Technology publisher,, was frustrated with constantly trying to sell their audience on the latest tech deal so they looked to new partners outside of ecommerce to supplement their revenue and discovered RevResponse.

RevResponse was challenged to deliver revenue on par with the major ecommerce affiliate networks while offering relevant content – for free.

"The revenue RevResponse generates by offering free material to our subscribers outperforms other individual affiliate revenue streams. It's a win-win: our readers gain useful resources at no cost, while we generate revenue."


"Ecommerce promotions forced a constant trade-off between increasing earnings and harming the subscriber’s experience. By sending constant ecommerce deals MakeUseOf was asking their readers to open their wallets and buy – everyday. The repetition of daily deal advertisements did not sit well with the MakeUseOf Team, knowing that it could begin to harm their reputation with their audience; the team began looking for outside options to diversify their monetization strategy."

RevResponse Team