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I tried the co-branded website wizard for the first time and it is great. The only thing issue I have is that the category menu does not expand when I click on the "+" box. I am not sure if this is due to some javascript I have to call in my header causing a conflict. The site is at: Steve
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The co-branding looks beautiful!

Emerson let me know that we do have a known issue with the categories expanding if your site has the jquery Javascript framework. The current fix is to comment-out your jquery call since our menu should load it anyways.

Emerson did that for you, but you'll see that it somehow disabled your drop-down menus.

Are you OK with it as-is? Or would you like him to take a little more time to find a work-around?

Let me know!

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Thanks. This is fine for me.

My drop down menu was not working on the co-branded site, probably for the same jquery conflict reason. Users can just click on the main menu to take them back to my main site.