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I need to change the site name in my account? I cannot find where to do that? Also, when I signed up for revresponse one of the admins made my cobranded site. I see there is a site wizard but it seems to complicated. I just want to get up and running quickly without having any lag in sign ups and earnings. Can you help?
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We are happy to add another site to your existing account. You can either email me ( or post your site URL here. Once I know what site you would like added, we can create a partner TradePub page to match.

It may take a few days to co-brand that site for you because we're going in to a weekend but the turn-around time is typically pretty fast.

Once you give me the site URL we'll get started.

onlinehelp's picture is what I need branded. Thank you so very much Karen!

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any luck yet?

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Onlinehelp - Your site was created and co-branded yesterday. Clear your cache and then check out You will see that it has been branded to match the site you gave us.

Let me know what you think.

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Great Job! It is beautiful! I appreciate it so much. Now I have to go promote!! :)