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Karen, I have been seeing your assistance on these forum and it gives one great satisfaction to find such quick instant solutions.Now I would like to have your attention on something which I feel netline corp should look into closely.I hail from India and the cheque which I received from you people was in US Dollar currency mode.I submitted the chq on 30th jan 2009 and I find it to have cleared finally today.Solution in these regard would be highly appreciated(From my blog itself I do get google ads revenue and as cheque comes in indian currency it gets cleared almost instantly).You people pays us after 45 days and with these type of cheque clearing it really vexes one for sure,I being of no exception. BTW:These months has been a great one for me.Am promoting bigtime and hoping to make a lot of bucks. Regards, ARUN
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Hi Arun,
If you are having trouble with the time frame for receiving and clearing payment have you considered PayPal? This payment method is almost instantaneous and would solve many of the time-lag issues you are experiencing.

Keep up the great work. I'm interested to see how the month ends for you.

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yes paypal is good choice for you as I have other Indian referrals on this site and they have paypal account as well.