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It would be nice to see how many clicks our ads are generating as well as the conversion rate.
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Hi Splatty,

This is on our list of reports we're working on providing you in the future. The challenge with a typical 'Click' report and its relation to RevResponse is that they are based on us actually serving every single impression provided to your audience.

As you may already know, RevResponse lets you do things that most affiliate networks wont let you do like adhoc email promotions, direct deep linking to specific offers, or a simple text-link without ever visiting a tracking URL creation tool.

The above tactics all have one thing in common...RevResponse is no longer the one physically serving the links to your audience. This in turn causes a disconnect with the tracking of clicks. All conversion activity is still obviously tracked because you are sending the user to your custom site. As you can see, the complexity of tracking outside of normal ad placements is quite substantial.

In our eyes, the benefits of providing flexible tools to our publishers far outweigh the challenges we face and we're committed to addressing your needs.

Thanks for the feedback.