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Are you by any chance planning to include Paypal as a means to pay out commission earnings? I think that would be the preferred choice of many. Hope you can consider. Thanks. PG
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Hi icthus - we are in the process of getting Paypal up and running for all of the RevResponse partners. It's in our queue of RevResponse upgrades and we're hoping to roll it out to you all by the end of this month. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Thanks Karen - that's mighty good news :)

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[quote]We will require that international partners be paid via PayPal Mass Pay. This will ensure that international partners receive their checks (sic! you mean "money") in a timely fashion.[/quote]

Why require? I do not have complaints, and will NEVER switch to Pay Pal. Sorry, but I do not understand, why you want to force me to use Pay Pal or any other insecure service.

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Rem - thanks for pointing out my "oops" I went ahead and edited my earlier answer.

As for requiring PayPal, I should amend that point as well. Just as you will never switch to PayPal, we never want to force our partners to use a service they aren't comfortable with. We can certainly work to support your request of continued payments via check. Any recommendation/suggestion we make to you is something we feel will make your lives easier, our payment structure more efficient, etc. That said, you can always challenge our suggestions and we're happy to work with every partner on a case-by-case basis.

We welcome feedback and make our program improvements based on comments like yours so keep them coming!

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Dear Karen,

that's fine.

Best regards


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Will paypal be a choice? Will we still be able to receive a check?

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We will recommend that international partners be paid via PayPal Mass Pay. This will ensure that international partners receive their earnings in a timely fashion.

U.S.-located partners will be able to choose between check and PayPal.

Any partners who are paid via PayPal will be happy to know that they will NOT be charged for their payments. We will be using the Mass Pay system which allows RevResponse to incur the transaction fee as opposed to typical PayPal which charges its users when they receive payments.

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Hi Work911,

I'm confident that we can support a check payment to you seeing that you were a partner with us prior to the launch of RevResponse.com

Out of curiosity, what specifically about PayPal are you not interested in? The biggest issue, fees for the fund receiver, has been removed seeing that we've decided to incur those costs on our side...our partners will never pay anything under the use of PayPal Mass Pay.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Sure Dave. First, we're talking about a fair chunk of money that I expect to get paid, not a fortune but an amount that should escalate over the next months. The major issue has to do with its reputation and past history which include a number of draconian choices reported in a number of venues.

For example, many instances of frozen funds have been reported, and also reports of very poor customer service when trying to resolve difficulties.

Also, I believe we'd have to provide them with our bank information for fund transfers, and I simply don't do that unless it's absolutely mandatory and it is a company I have a reliable trusting business relationship over time. I won't even do it with Google.

I know of a number of other people who simply don't want to do business with them, and I don't want to have a third party interjected in my business relationship with revshare, who have control over funds paid by you to me.

I'm glad you have a no fee setup, but the fee means virtually nothing to me if it's a flat fee. I understand why you would want to go this route, but I will say that there are other programs around that I have NOT participated in simply because the only way to get paid is through Paypal.

Basically, if it's only paypal, we don't join. I consider it part of risk management for us.

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Hi Work911,

While I personally have yet to experience a PayPal transaction go south, I can certainly respect your position and your decision. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

With regards to the fees, most other affiliate programs using PayPal to pay their publishers require that the publisher incurs a PayPal fee to receive their funds. This fee would be imposed each time a payment is made...it's not a one time flat fee.

We decided that forcing our publishers to incur a cost to receive their hard earned commissions was not in the spirit of what RevResponse is all about. As such, we decided to go ahead and incur the costs on our side...it's only fair.

Thanks again for your thoughts...it's very helpful to understand your perspective.

Cheers and keep up the great work.