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We would like to introduce our new site that promotes farms and farmers internationally. Country Living and Farm Lifestyles Is a Worldwide Farmers' Market for Farm Food, Farm Accommodation, Farming Jobs, Farm Swaps, Rural Services, Country Living and much, much more. Support your local farmers. Visit http://www.countryfarm-lifestyles.com Farmers and country businesses can advertise their farm accommodation, farm produce and rural services for FREE in some cases, and as low as 10.00 British pounds a year, for more prominent advertising. We hope to see you on our site. We also have a new dating service for farmers looking for wives and a section for farm-sitting and farm swaps to give farmers a holiday and a change of scenery. Philip and Kathryn Bax info@countryfarm-lifestyles.com
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Many thanks for your welcome. I liked your site, btw, very interesting. It looks as if you have been very busy.


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