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Hi, Is this the right way to create links? 1. Identify the three or four character pub code. For eg, ORACLE code is orm. 2. Each affiliate would have got a unique link url 3. Add 'pc=' to the end and append the pub code to link to the magazine page 4. Otherwise to link to the qaulification page, substitute qf in place of pc Also I find that doing the above takes me to the magazine page under partners.tradepub.com. Is it possible to link to my own specific sub domain? Another question: when a subscriber subscribes to a magazine, he is shown other related publications too. Will I get paid if he subscribes to other magazines too? Regards halcyon
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Hi Halcyon,

Yes, the way that you describe creating unique links as an associate partner is correct. Thank you for your thorough explanation! You should have received an email from me about your request for a specific sub domain. We refer to those as co-branded sites and in early 2008 we will be supplying co-branded sites to all of our partners and their unique tracking links will no longer be needed. That said, check your email and let me know if I can help you create what you need in the meantime as we work towards creating co-branded sites for all of our partners.

To address your last question, when a subscriber subscribes to a magazine via your site, and he subscribes to additional magazines through your hosting of our content, yes, you do get paid if his subscription for that additional magazine is accepted. These offers are called "co-registration" offers and you receive a percentage of the revshare on those offers as well.