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Hi, I was going through the reports and found that reports are available only till the 18th of this month and today is 21st. Any reasons for this? Aren't the reports updated every day at 11 EST? Thanks
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Hi dotnet. The reports are running correctly. The reason you don't see any data past the 18th is because your account hasn't generated any activity. We post data for any subscription or rejection that comes through from your account. If no one has signed up for any offer, we skip those days in the report to keep it from getting too long.

Keep checking. As soon as your site brings in some activity, the report will update with that information.

If you need help with promotions please let me know!

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thanks for the quick response Karen.

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No problem. You're not the first person to ask that question. We're thinking of including all of the days of the month in the report and zeroing out the columns with no activity. That might limit the confusion.

Either way, feel free to ask anytime you have a question!

Happy Friday :)