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Hi! I'm the site admin for Talk Binary. I'm eager to learn how to effectively promote these magazines to start making some cash. I'm also looking to make some friends who can offer some tips and advice.
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Welcome to RevResponse, TalkBinary! We're here to help so post as often as you'd like. You can ask questions here on the forum to get answers from some of the RevResponse team and from many of our partners. Also, you can always reach out to your account manager, Dan, for more specific help.

One suggestion for boosting your earnings is to promote specific offers within the content of your blog. A site like yours is particularly positioned to do well by blogging about specific offers.

I've talked about this promotional tactic many times in the past because promoting offers outside of typical IAB space and highlighting publications in a conversational way has proven to increase earnings by an average of 70% over what you’d normally generate via simply running banners and/or widgets.

For a little more information about blogging about offers, read this.

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I wanted to ask, are the forms going to be updated soon? I believe they look too web 1.0 look. When I showed a friend of mine, it led him to think it was some sort of spam/scam but I had to convince him it wasn't.

Are they going to be given a more web 2.0 look anytime soon?

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Thanks for the great note and suggestion. Re-vamping the qualification forms is certainly a project that we have on our radar. We have a handful of other items on our project list that we're focusing on, but we will likely take a stab at qualification form redesign down the road.

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welcome to revresponse.

congrats too since you've joined a very helpful affiliate program not only in content generation but also when it comes to making money online.

admin is also very helpful you can either email her under your My Account you can see the email or post here in the forum to help you out.

welcome again!