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Hello, I have sent over 300 people from MySpace and Facebook to multiple offers with banners I created myself that show a pic of the magazine, the title and description. These ads are targeted and are only shown to people that would definitely be interested. Not to mention or counting the hits from my almost 20,000 followers on Twitter that I send to the same offers. So I am praying that you guys do not update on weekends because I just spent $70 on clicks without receiving a single lead which does NOT make sense to me especially when it was people that were pre-sold before clicking. I can show you the stats and everything! Do you guys update everyday or not? Please tell me something is wrong because $63 in clicks and not one lead on the 19th or 20th is crazy when running banners that they click on themselves. Please Help!
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You have to wait and pray for sure Kevin..
But it is not the main problem for me.

The last week I have been sending almost 100 persons
and I get more than 70% on rejection.

Kevin, I suggest you not to invert YOUR money because this business
Because when you get 1 click of a possible suscriber, behind this,
the publisher can decide not to accept it and you are paying leads to them for NOTHING.
So send just free leads, not paid leads to the publishers !

My 2 cts

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If it's so bad, why are you an affiliate?

Tom Mahoney, Director

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Tom :

I can be rude and answer you ... Is it your matter if I answer To help this new affiliate ?
Are you a censor of TradePub ?
Is it forbidden to express some ideas as we want ?
Who are you to judge me ?

I AM NOT SAYING that TradePub is bad.
Just that this business is very UNPREDICTABLE and as I said to Karen we can't invest money and time and energy (even if the concept is REALLY interesting) in getting results totally random, uncertain.
I know that in every business there is some risks. But you know how to go from A to Z.
here you NEVER know what can be the results because publisher can reject EVEN if you are a good lead and just because that day you put something they do not want...

If i say all of this, it is because I want some ideas to improve the way of doing things ...

But maybe I have to have my mouth closed and stay away ?

Can a business like TradePub accept the criticism ?
How are you here to judge my thoughts ?


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Hi Bernard,

While we are certainly open to criticism and suggestions, we respectfully ask that you keep your frustrations pointed toward us and away from other partners.

RevResponse has this open forum here as a means for our partners to interact and assist each other. That can only work if all of our partners respect each other and are open to sharing both their successes and frustrations.

RevResponse grows from your comments and we welcome them. We also encourage you to be open to our suggestions and explanations. Our goal is transparency.

As you say, Bernard, the RevResponse concept is very interesting – we allow you to give away free resources to your audience and pay you when they qualify. Unfortunately, the results are not 100% predictable which makes your job a little tougher and also more rewarding.

At this time the course of action we have chosen is to provide aggressive payouts for the good subscriptions our partners generate as opposed to paying less for every submission regardless of it qualifying or not.

To clarify for you, Bernard, the publisher is never provided with the information of your rejected subscribers. They provide their filters to us up-front. If a subscriber does not meet their qualifying criteria it is logged as a reject for you and that information is never passed to the offer publisher.

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the publisher is never provided with the information of your rejected subscribers. They provide their filters to us up-front. If a subscriber does not meet their qualifying criteria it is logged as a reject for you and that information is never passed to the offer publisher.

That's good information, Karen. Thanks!

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And I appreciate it very much Bernard.

I am selling a course for $57 on Facebook Marketing and have made 22 sales out of 575 views.

Yet over 400 views and not 1 lead here and its free... Doesn't really make sense to me!

Hey now I will continue with just the Twtter, FB & Blog Posts and stop PPC!

Simple as that!

Thanks for the disciussion guys.


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Bernard, you're being pretty defensive. Where in my very short post do you see me judging you?

I simply asked why you were a part of the program when you posted what I perceived to be a very critical statement of it. You have every right to be as critical as you want to be. Blast them if you'd like.

You are certainly correct in saying that TradePub is unpredictable. I've only been a part of it for a couple of months and have seen that. That's why I put a few links up and let it do what it will do. I have too many other irons in the fire to spend a lot of time on it. I don't look at it as a 'business,' only as a way to generate a few extra dollars on the couple of sites that I have. I can tell you that it does far better than Google's AdSense.

For the record, other than an affiliate, I have nothing to do with this forum or TradePub.

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Hey Bernad,

Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

I agree its better to send free leads which is what I do BUT when I thought that sending Targeted traffic would be better.


I actually use this as a very example in one of my Internet Marketing training courses for Network Marketers...

DO NOT just send people to a page about your opportunity but target a market and put Free Magazine Offers.

And then this came up and its was PERFECT!

The only thing I do NOT like is the tracking system.

NOT being able to instantly track conversions is really difficult. Having to wait to see what you got for a ROI is dangerous.

But like you suggested... Stick with free traffic is the way to go for sure!

Hey we will see... But thanks for your reply!


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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your note and for your enthusiasm about our program. We are glad to hear that you are trying different types of promotions to your different audiences.

We do update the reports every day, and it looks as though the banners you mention did not generate any subscriptions.

I'm sure you are disappointed in the results from your weekend campaign and I would like to help you. Can you show me the banners that you created and also give me more details about how you promoted them? Once I know more, the RevResponse team can help you to understand why you may have gotten these results and we can give you suggestions so that you will have a different outcome the next time.

I look forward to helping you make the most of our partnership. Feel free to email me directly: