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Hi Admin, I am new here and joined via Would like to know what is the difference between Earnings and eEPF as can be seen in "Report by time period". Which one is accounted towards $50 cutoff.
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Hello playsafe. Welcome to RevResponse!

eEPF stands for Effective Earnings Per Form. It is the average dollar amount you earned for each subscription/lead you brought in on a given day. For instance, you could have generated 5 leads, your earnings could be $7.50, and your eEPF would be $1.50. This number will vary from day to day based on the revshare you’re earning for certain offers.

eEPF is just an extra piece of data for you. The "earnings" column is the dollar amount you've earned from us. That is the data that needs to reach $50 in order to be paid.

Here's a litte more information about eEPF:

Part of what makes eEPF interesting is increased earnings coming from co-registration offers. As you may have already noticed, on some of our offers you'll see additional contextual free content and downloads on the bottom of our forms. If a visitor to your site, fills out a qualification form and selects any of the additional offers listed at the bottom of the form, you have now will earn a share of the revenue generated from those actions as well. Those earnings will appear as part of your eEPF. Below is an example of what these offers could look like: