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RevResponse truly is blessing to be a part of. It has enabled me to earn much more then I would had expected. I want to share my other area of success and cash flow as a webmaster. Because we all have the same goal as webmasters & we should help each other meet it. Hello, my passion in life is marketing & promotion. My other passion of course is web design & working online. I have always looked for a way to put my two passions together to make a living. My first attempt was through the only thing I knew as a new to the game young gun (kid in fact.. I started at a very young age.. years of lack of success). What I knew of was Google Adsense. Now Google Adsense is probaly one of the most known, most used revenue generating programs for webmasters, new & experienced alike. Its a great program.. but just this one time this article isn't purely glorifying it. It is a great program, the best in its class.. but thats a different article all together. I spent over half of my webmaster life working strictly with Google Adsense, it was showing results.. but truly I had bigger dreams for myself. My next wind of success came when I found out about Kontera. What Kontera does is turn specific words on your site into paid links. Its not to bothersum in my opinion. It is 100% in regulation with Googles TOS to combine it with adsense. Within a month I saw my earnings from Adsense alone double. Its been consistently earning 50%-100-% my adsense earnings, all the while adding ontop of them. [B]But please let me tell you, this is nice.. but this is not what this article is about. There's something even more exciting I found.. [/B] I am very confident in my skills of promoting. But I felt with these programs.. these skills were being wasted. Obviously I could promote my website, which helps slightly. But truthfuly.. I could not promote the banner ads or links directly, it was strictly against the TOS. & my friend, you do not mess with the almighty TOS. I want to clarify that, that is like running into a gunfight with a softshell taco. Anyway, back on track.. After some time I was blessed to find CPA. I dont know how I came to learn it, but I am thankful. What this is, is cost per action. You get paid every time someone performs a specific action. Now there are CPA campaigns that are useless. For example, you get paid $25 for each credit card sign up. I wouldn't even consider doing a campaign like this. No one wants to sign up for a credit card. [I]The Professionals have a term for this, instead of a cpa campaign, it becomes known as a crap campaign.[/I] Now, when I first learned of CPA Networks, all I knew of were offers like this credit card one. Pretty sad, this made stay distant from CPA, little did I know CPA would fulfill my dream as a webmaster with a passion for promoting. I signed up for countless CPA Networks that had nothing but "crap campaigns". Then I found one that was different. One that had something new to offer. LogicalMedia, need I say more? I logged in and looked to see how much they would pay me to get someone to sign up for a credit card. Feeling down, I opened their campaigns page. WHAM, that was me shitting a brick. They were going to pay me to get someone to request a free sample of Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes. $0 shipping, NO FEE at all. Was this happening? I could merely go onto a food forum, better yet a Betty Crocker forum & post this campaign. They pay $2-$50 for all their campaigns. They have dozens like this. This one, if you sign up for the Betty Crocker Newsletter you get a free sample of instant potatoes in the mail. Its legit.. I got my potatoes. This is the one CPA Network I found that works for me. At least once a month I have a day where my earnings exceed $500. I also have a lot of days where they sit at $0. But I have been earning 1-3k a month now & I have realized my dream as a webmaster. They allow you to send out offers through your mailing list, post banners they prepare for you.. it is a dream come true. I thought I would share this information with you, because i certainly wish someone would had with me. Someone probably did & I just forgot who. But I am satisfied now. http://lm.logicalmedia.com/signup/CD2961
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