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if you have facebook account you may become a fan and send gift to all your friends of free magazine, it's a viral promotion method in the making, what do you think? I will keep adding free magazines cover to it if appropriate, i've started with category agriculture. :) login to facebook first and then access the app here http://apps.facebook.com/free-trade-m-dgacdc/ any feedbacks?
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This is definitely an interesting idea. I will be curious to see how many people take advantage of the app. You might be better served to add offers from the Internet or IT categories since Agriculture and Facebook don't overlap as well as Internet and Facebook. Just a thought.

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Karen, thanks again for pointing that out.

What was I thinking last night lol, agriculture and facebook don't come along, ah i know the reason i was playing myfarm on facebook that's why.

i have uploaded 40 magazine covers

to get more users for it, I created a Free Magazines Group

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