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Thanks to a whole lot of work we ended the month strongly, and I'm looking forward to finding out about the gift certificate options, and whether there's a similar contest deal for March. Since I'm in Canada, some of this may be a bit tricky. How about you just send me a 160 Gig Ipod Classic!? But... Again, in pursuit of trying to make this work, and really wanting to know about new publications available, I tried the suggested rss feeds. Well, looked good until Feb. 15, when it appears all updating stopped comletely. While new whitepapers, at least a few, are listed on the tradepub site, nothing going on with the feeds. And, the email list to be notified of new publications doesn't work (yes, I'm on the list, and yes, I'm confirmed, and I've even tried two different email addresses). Trying to decide if I should do the testimonials thing. I suppose I should wait for my check, and it'd sure be easier if some of the tools I need would work. Anyway, hopefully March will be smoother.
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Hi Work911,

We can certainly work with you regarding how you'd like to receive your gift and will follow-up via email to work things out. It certainly looks like you had a record month nearly tripling your previous best performance...nicely done!

RSS feeds - The RSS feeds we provide were never intended as a Partner/Publisher monetization resource as much as they were intended to offer value to the end user of your site. We don’t publish every offer we release to the network on the RSS feeds for a multitude of reasons. With that being said, this is being looked at and will surely change.

As we said in the past, we'd really like to recommend that you leverage our XML catalog to keep on top of what offers are available to your audience and when they are released...everything is in there. If the XML catalog too technical of a solution we'd love to work with you on modeling our API to make things more simplistic. Would you be open to giving us your feedback on building the next generation of partner optimization tools?

As you know, your feedback is instrumental in driving us forward. We're not going to rest until your needs have been met.

Thanks again.

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Use this url for new publications. It's an API in beta form right now:
change output=html to output=rss for an rss feed and output=xml for an xml feed

It shows publications that are new within the last 5 days. You can change days=5 to anything 10 or less to get a more specific view.

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Thanks for sharing your beta API here on the forum, ionchannels. The work you've done with it is truly impressive. Last week, I sent you an email follow-up about your work with the API. Please let me know if you didn't receive it. We're looking forward to more of your excellent suggestions and contributions.