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Our company has over 15,000 small businesses that we deal with. When our call reps are finishing up a customer retention call, would it be alright for them to offer the manager or owner a free magazine subscription? Would the reps be able to fill out the form over the phone with the customer giving them the information?
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Hi Brizzad.

It is against our policy to have your reps fill out the qualification forms over the phone for subscribers. Only the users themselves can subscribe to the publications. If you were to have your reps fill out the forms over the phone, there would be IP address issues and your partnership would be compromised.

You may want to consider having your reps direct your customers to your co-branded page and mention the free offers, but the users will have to fill those forms out themselves.

Attempts to fraudulently generate subscriptions will be caught and any earned commissions will not be paid.