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I am wondering why flash widgets are not available in most popular sizes like 160*600 and 728*90 . If they will be available in these sizes we can place them easily in sidebar and top of page for much exposure.
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Good morning, arunrev. As you can tell by many of the blog and forum posts, we're actively working on adding features and upgrading our program each and every day. While we don't have flash widgets in the sizes you mentioned, we do have javascript widgets that meet those specs. As we work to increase our promotional tool options, please consider using those java modules on your site.

We're definitely working to include more sizes and more layouts for the widgets we provide. In the meantime, please continue to make suggestions and ask questions here on the forum. Every suggestion you make is considered on our end, and many of them will be integrated into future upgrades of the program.

As always, if you need specific offer creatives, you can contact you account manager who can help you design exactly what you're looking for. Your account manager is Vince Chiarlone and he can be reached at

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where can i find the widget here, if i click someone's banner like "get the widget" are they earning points or money? how much per click? thanks

ps....i found the widgets..BIG lolz

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intel - you can create widgets with our TradePub offers by going to the Promotion Wizard (

The "get this widget" link on the widgets encourages visitors to your site to come to RevResponse and sign up for the program. If they do become a partner of RevResponse by coming through your widget, you will receive referral credit. For more information, go here

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Like I said... we aim to please! The sizes you requested are now available in flash widgets.

Check out this post for more info:

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Oh my goodness - the widgets are so cool! I love it and put one right on my site. I'm going to try the email widget when it's time for my next weekly e-newsletter.



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Joni - welcome to RevResponse! Glad to hear you like the widgets. I'm looking forward to working with you.

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i like ur widgets, the colors, the design and everything and including the sizes...thanks. btw, can i put another widgets to my other site with the same account at RevResponse? can i gain extra points if putting widgets in a mutiple accounts? :) tnx