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One of our superstar developers found an interesting item in regards to posting flash widgets on blogger.com and wordpress.com. For blogger, when using a standard tag, blogger.com chokes because it doesn't have an </embed> to close the tag. The reason this happens is because in standard HTML, there is no such tag as </embed> since <embed> is a standalone tag that is understood by all browsers. While this is Blogger's error on this is a bug, we want to help you get around it so that you can post our flash widgets. Simply insert a fake </embed> tag at the end, this will satisfy Blogger.com's interface, and won't affect the widget, since the browser will ignore it. And blogger.com isn’t the only CMS that is hosing our flash widgets. It appears that wordpress.com doesn’t allow any embedded flash except google video and youtube. This is a security measure on their end. But once again, we can help! Here’s what you can do: Download a plugin, install it on your WP site, and post away. The plugin can be found here. For more information about the wordpress issue, you can read up about it here. If you’re using a different CMS and are having problems, please let us know!
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