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Karen - I use Google Analytics to analyze my web site traffic. Using the Co-branded Site Wizard, I am able to add the Google Analytics tracking code in the Footer HTML of most, but not all, of the web pages on my co-branded site. The Footer HTML does not appear on the actual application pages, like http://sohotrends.tradepub.com/free/w_sapx127/prgm.cgi. The problem is that I don't know who visits the application page. If the visitor submit an application, the Thank You/Confirmation page does include the custom tracking code. I believe halcyon asked essentially the same question last year in this post, http://www.revresponse.com/node/359 Is this something that can be changed? I think it would be a big help. Thanks, RisingSuns
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Hi RisingSuns,

Unfortunately, at this time we aren't able to add Google Analytics to the qualification forms.

The qualification forms for every partner all use the same technology that is leveraged across the network. By adding a tag to your qualification form, effectively it would be pushed out across the entire network.

We are aware that the analytics for these forms would be useful and are considering various workarounds but there is no immediate solution.