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Hi, How do you format the code to suite the site branding? That it, I do not want the Netline's logo and top navigation to appear on the site. We're in the process of changing our site but want the code without Netline logos. Thanks live
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Hi live. That's a great question. There are two ways we can do this:

1. You can let us know when you've finished your site re-design and then we can create a page for you that matches your site look and feel.
Here's an example of a partner who we've done this for:
Their homepage:
Their Co-branded site we created:


2. You can take our content and format it within your own layout with an iframe. The simplest way to do this would be to create the a page within your site to host the content on within an iframe on a blank page within your site.

It should just be something like

<iframe src="" height="100%" width="100%"></iframe>

And whatever other parameters you want to give. Your developer should know how to do that. If not, let me know and I'll get you some more tips.

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Same question here karen,

I want our company logo to appear on the website instead of yours.

Is it possible?

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Hi mbaonline, you're request for a co-branded site has already been submitted. I'm expecting it to be available to you on Monday.

Please let us know if you need anything else.


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gr8 to hear that.

Eagerly awaiting co-branded page.

I had a query. are the magazines available internationally?

I have a concentrated base of 50 thousand members all of whom should be interested in this offer.

So suppose one member visits the co-branded page and selects 5 free magazine subscriptions .. do i get 10 $ or 1.50 $ ?

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Different offers have different international availability. Today, when you hear from Vince, you can ask him to investigate the specific offer you were planning to promote to your 50k members.

*EDITED* Just an FYI, our widgets are geographically targeted. Our programming reads your audience member's IP address and only shows offers that are available to their geographic region.

If you plan on promoting a stand-alone offer through an email or on a web site, you'll want to pick one that will be available to the largest number of your audience members. You can see our internationally available offers by clicking the "internationally available" link under "geography" in the left navigation of your co-branded page. Here is where you can find those offers on

And, to answer your last question, you are paid for every qualified subscription you generate. If one visitor qualifies for all 5 magazines they subscribed to, you'll be paid the revshare for each one.

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thanks for the clearing the doubts karen. awaiting co-branded site with my company logo. will give a test drive to tradepub as soon as its done.

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[quote]Co-branded site as well as our widgets, are geographically targeted.[/quote]

No, either the co-branded site is not targeted, or you have wrong information about my location: Switzerland. All the US-only offers appear too. (Actually, I have nothing against this).

On the one hand, a targeting for the co-branded site would be helpful to decrease the reject rate, but on the other hand: if your targeting does not function, people should still be intelligent enough to select the appropriate content.

By the way: there is a huge rate of rejects in my account (Sunday). Was it a single person subscribing to all journals?

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Hi Rem. You caught me in a mistake. I appreciate that and I've edited my response. You're right. The co-branded page is not geographically targeted. Like you said, your audience is able to search for the appropriate content via international offers or other geography in the navigation bar.

What the co-branded page does do is optimize offers that have been most successful for you in the past 30 days. These pages show the top offers that are converting into earnings for you to encourage your audience to select the offers appearing high on your homepage.

As for your high reject rate on Sunday, I just looked. Of all of the subscriptions and rejects you brought in, there were only three people who applied for them. Two people applied for 26 of the subs and were rejected for all of them. I hope this helps explain the result.

You're still doing great with earnings. Let us know if you want any help with promotions. Are you going to take us up on the April Challenge?

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Dear Karen,

I have to thank you for your quick reply! Indeed, I am currently experimenting using more of your geotargeting ads expanded by a direct link to "my category". So more people will be directed to your offer.

I have to thank you concerning the explanations about the "co-branded" landing page.
I will perhaps switch back from the specific category to the start page. But my visitors are quite focussed and in my point of view, the category page shows the full richness of your offer!

Best regards