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on this page http://www.revresponse.com/Promote on offer placement: i can only see website, blog and email, can you include forum? that is specifically bbcodes like this [url=http://www.revresponse.com]Sample[/url]
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Are you able to provide a little more information around what you are specifically looking for?

Do you simply want to see a selection in the Promote Wizard saying 'Forum' or are you looking for creative elements that are specific to most forums?

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i may need both. thanks.

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Most of our creative is already formatted for easy promotion on forums. With that being said, a more conversational tactic may be appropriate on forums instead of generic ads.

Please do not go forth and spam forums around the web with the intent of driving a few subs. It won't be worth your efforts and will most likely result in you being banned from said forums moving forward.