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PRESS RELEASE Selling to the Government and getting a piece of the over $450 billion spent annually in the federal marketplace is not rocket science; but, knowing the rules of the federal marketplace is critical. Launched on September 1st, GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT INSIDER is a new comprehensive site on the internet to find federal government procurement information, guidance, opportunities and “real-time” procurement consulting for small businesses wanting to do business with the federal government. It can be found at Decades of government contracting and acquisition experience have contributed to the creation of this site and that experience will be at your disposal to help you and your small business maneuver through the obstacle course that can be federal government procurement. Here, an online community for small businesses wanting to do business with the federal government has been created to share information and to attract other companies that want to do business with YOU (see posted advertisements). Discussion topics, relevant articles and links, answers to small business contracting questions, interpretation of procurement regulations and, most importantly, selective advertisers who want to do business with you are all gathered there. The goals of GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT INSIDER are to quickly get small businesses "in the know" and help them be COMPETITIVE so that they have an opportunity to get a piece of Uncle Sam's enormous procurement pie. Check out the site at, search the advertisers for great business deals and pass this information along to colleagues, acquaintances, family and friends that may want to get their piece of the $450+ billion pie.
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