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Hi, I'm the founder of www.HiddenBuzz.com. I am now working on helping businesses and especially websites become more green - thus attracting more customers using www.ValidatedGreen.com My question is: what publications of RevResponse should I promote? Shouldn't RevResponse offer a special section for Green Businesses? I'm also forming several other Green sites: GreenPressRelease.com and SearcherGreen.com (search engine). I'm just one person, and would appreciate any and all help and even partners... You can reach me best at my main site: www.HiddenBuzz.com Thanks
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Welcome, HiddenBuzz!

At this time we don't have a special "green" section of RevResponse but we do have a handful of offers that a related. You can try promoting these to your green audience:

The Green Assessment Tool

Working Green with Digital Libraries

Green IT: Reducing your Carbon Footprint with Citrix

Sustainable Facility

** Don't forget to swap out the "www" with your tradepub domain in order to get credit for the subs you generate. **

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You can also use the link below to find matching offers:

Jay Kalpathy, CTO, NetLine