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Hi Karen, Has the earnings been calculated for week 16 or April 20 and 21? I find earnings not been updated for my account since 19th April. I was expecting few denials atleast as I put lot many hours advertising the link during the last weekend. Can you check up with Tech team (if there aren't any updates). In the mean time, I have requested out my circle to send me any mails from tradepub, if they subscribed for any magazine. It may be a good idea if the Thank You mail send to the subscriber from tradepub be available to us see. It may be possible by adding Cc clause or may be if tradepub is maintaining a mailbox for the affiliates. This shall help us know that bit of what happened in last 24 hrs Rgds,
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Thanks for the note. We're aware of the problem and our team is currently working on it. You'll have your data soon and we'll let you know once it's been resolved. Thanks for your patience.

As for being CC'd on the "thank you" emails, this goes against our policy on disclosing email addresses of subscribers. We can't CC you on those messages because we do not give out the email addresses of the individuals who subscribe to offers.

The reports will be up and running shortly. Thanks.

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Great and thanks to you and your team.


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Well, just for others, some reports work. The one by time period isn't working for us. No problem.

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It looks like the reports are working again. Thanks for your patience.

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My "Report by Time Period" is showing more stats than "Report by site" so the reports still aren't correct!?!?

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Hi ConsultantsUnited,
I'm looking at your reports on RevResponse here and I see the same number of subs/rejects for in both your report by time period and your report by site. Can you send me a screen shot of what you're seeing so that I can investigate further? You can email the screenshots to

You may also want to try clearing your cache to see if anything updates that way.

Thank you.

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I have emailed you the screenshots. I have cleared my cache as suggested but they're still not showing the same info!?!?

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I got your screenshots and sent you one in return. Try logging out and logging back in. The reports are showing matching data here.

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For anyone who has problems with reports not matching or not updating regularly, try logging out of RevResponse and back in again. This has proven to clear whatever is keeping you from seeing the most recent data. If this doesn't work, let us know and we'll work to solve this problem.

Thanks to everyone here for asking about the reports and keeping on top of your promotions.