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Hi all, I haven't make any sales yet :( Any advice? Thanks! :) Ivanpw - entrepreneur resources blog - bidding web directory
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We're happy to give advice on promotions. I can give you some general ideas here on the forum, but for specific recommendations, shoot your account manager an email (

I just took a peek at your site, and I see you've got a widget on your homepage. That's a great start. You may want to try posting a widget that shows the cover graphics. Right now it's all text and your audience may not realize that these are free white paper offers that you're giving out.

Another idea -- do you have a mailing list for your audience? If so, you could try sending a solo mailing promoting some of our offers to them. If you decide to do that, you should enter our April Challenge.

Another idea is to blog about a specific offer. If you think your visitors would be interested in one of our magazine subscriptions or download offers, write a short post. Vince can help you with this too.

Don't get discouraged. The potential to earn with us is endless. Just be open-minded and ask for help (like you did here). We'll find a way to target the right offers to your audience and earn you some bucks.

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Thanks Karen for your advice.

I've made the necessary changes into the widget and look into implementing the others.

Thanks again!