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I noticed that the custom header and footer appears only for the two pages. The detail and request form pages do not have the custom header/footer. If it is available, then it will never appear that the visitor leaves the original site and trust will build up. Is there any particular reason why it is not available?
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Hi halcyon,

You're correct, the custom header/footer does only appear on you co-branded pages. The reason we've chosen to keep all of the qualification forms consistent with the TradePub branding is to limit the chance of your site visitor leaving without completing the form.

If you were to add a custom header/footer, that would give your potential subscriber options to click and venture away from the qualification form before completing it and this could cost you some earnings.

We'll certainly investigate adding an option to customize those pages but for now, your custom header/footer don't transfer to the qualification form.

Thanks for your understanding and for your comments.