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Hello, Tim Predaina here, I run a free link directory at and I am always looking for new content and deals to offer my audience. That's why I joined RevResponse. Don't let the hit counter on the site fool you. The counter crashed and reset itself the other day and I'm looking to replace it (besides it links to a site I can't read). My site is indexed daily by the major search engines so it is a good way to get listed on them. I did a new domain for a client and his website got on Google in 3 days and was on page #1. From nowhere to page 1 in 3 days, WOW! Everyone can feel free to add your site to the directory. It really is free. No reciprocal link required! You only get an email about your link status, no newsletters, no SPAM and that's a promise. I run other web sites as well, but this is getting long and I just wanted to say hi! Best Regards, Tim ************************************************ If you're not living on the edge then you're taking up way too much space.
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