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Well I just joined today not even sure at this point what I am doing. I am promoting the Trade Pub magazines and articles..? Is there a getting started topic? Can I promote through my blogs as well as my website? Thank you, April
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Hi April,

Welcome to RevResponse! Since your application was approved we've been in touch a few times with information about your account. In one email you should have received your co-branded site url It is up to you how you'd like to promote that page and our offers.

Here are a few suggestions:
Add a link to your co-branded site to your homepage.

Create a widget in our ad wizard and place it on your site to begin promoting offers to your audience.

Write a blog post about one of the magazines/downloads we have that will best fit your audience. Link to the qualification form within your co-branded site to encourage your readers to signup for that offer.

Feature one of our offers in a mailing or enewsletter.

There are plenty of ways you can promote our content to your audience. For specific offer information, or to ask questions about promotions, contact your account manager, Laurie Sparango,

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Thank you, I just read the first email to activate and I saw my Trade Pub but was confused. You explained a lot, I appreciate the quick response. Have a great day.