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Hi All, I am Indrajit Banerjee. I am CCNA, MCSE and CCNP certified and currently pursuing MBA. I am working as a Systems and Network Administrator at an MNC and have more than 5 years of Experience in Systems and Network Administration, Security and Design. My Hobbies are working on System and Network Security, Working on different types of Application Servers, System and Network Penetration and vulnerability testing (few people define it as Hacking) and blogging and My blog site is
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hi,nice to know you indra.. im felix from indonesia, currently work as a business consultant,and still learning about this thing about internet business..
best regards..

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Hello indrajit99 and amild16 - just to let you know I'm here to help if you have any questions about RevResponse!

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Hi Karen,

Can you please tell us how can I use the offer catalog as I have found that most of my website visitors are from US and India. Just like I have posted a blog regarding Exchange Security ( Which I collected from the offer catalog). Now suppose if anyone from India downloads that whitepaper, Will It fetch me something on my account ?



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Hi Indrajit,
The paper you are promoting is only available to people in the US. This means that your site visitors who request the paper from the US and are qualified will bring you earnings. If someone from India requests the paper, their subscription will be marked as a reject because it doesn't meet the qualifying criteria.

Here's a little more info on rejects:

Here's a guide for using the offer catalog:

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Welcome to this Forum..I hope you all can make this forum more merry...
@indrajit99 why your blog there is no content or maybe underconstruction?? i checked you miss one letter (t) for the should

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Thanks a lot Indie for marking that missing 't'.