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I became aware of this service from another blog. I blog these days and my blog is at http://www.ozwebhub.com/blog I write about new technologies, web graphics, digital photography, education and computers. I write tutorials also. My main web site is http://www.ozwebhub.com and that is aimed at the newbie web designer. I must say I'm not quite sure what I've entered here. I don't really understand it. I gather I promote the shop and link to it from my web site and blog. But the magazines and white papers are free. How does the site make money. Many of the magazines are for Americans only too. Anyway, I'm about to make my site live. It will be like all the others but my sub domain is ozwebhub
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Hi Jenny! Welcome to RevResponse. Please feel free to ask lots of questions in order to understand this program. Hopefully you'll figure it out quickly. We provided you with a co-branded site that houses all of our free offers. You can link to that page, promote single offers to your audience, place widgets on your site, send solo mailings, and basically promote any way you like and then earn revenue with us.

If you have specific questions, contact your account manager, Vince Chiarlone, vchiarlone@netline.com. He's happy to help!