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Hi all, I am here to earn money online .can anyone help me what to do next.
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Hi bhaskarreddyr,
Welcome to RevResponse. My first suggestion for getting acquainted to our program is to take a few minutes to search the site. Read some forum posts, blog posts, and explore the different wizards, catalogs, reports, etc.

After you've browsed a bit, here are my tips for getting started:

First, you can make all of the money in the world, but we can’t pay you if you don’t fill out your account details. Go here to complete the form.

Secondly, make sure you’re getting all of the latest news and announcements from us but subscribing to the blog and forum threads.

Subscribe to the blog by selecting the “subscribe blog” link on any blog post.

You can subscribe to the forums by going to “my account.”

Most importantly, start promoting! Here are some simple tips for where and how to promote the offers we have available--

1. Start by placing text links throughout your site. Add a "Free Magazines" link to your web site navigation (either in the header or side bar. Link this to the co-branded page we provided to you upon your application approval. This is the TradePub page that hosts all of the offers you can promote.

2. Consider customizing that TradePub page to match your own site by using the site setup wizard. Learn how to use this wizard here.

3. Blog about the offers. You might want to introduce your visitors to your newly acquired resource catalog with a blog post letting your users know that there are free magazines and downloads available to them.

4. Post a specific magazine or white paper within a blog post or relevant page topic for an offer that you know your audience would be interested in. Try something like you think will resonate with your readers. You can find offers that meet your audience’s needs by browsing the offer catalog.

5. Send an email to your opted in subscribers/site visitors telling them about some of the offers we have that you find most interesting. We have email templates you can use in the promotions wizard.

And remember, you can feel free to post in the forums or on any blog post if you have a question, comment, or suggestion.