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I've noticed that people who click on the TradePub banner on my blog return to the blog almost instantly. So the good news for me is, they at least return to my blog! I use Clicky, which is a real time web traffic tool, so I see those visits. And without going through Google Analytics for actual figures, I'm pretty sure this represents a very high abandonment rate, if indeed it's classed as an abandonment when people don't even click on anything within the TradePub page. Of course, the guys at TradePub will have all of the figures on this, but for me at least, there's a missed opportunity here. When I look at the TradePub page, there's just too much choice, which is as bad as not enough. I'd like to be able to: 1. trim the selection down, or at least highlight certain categories; 2. have dynamic selections based on which page referred them. Thoughts?
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Hi Wayne,
It's interesting to hear how you are tracking our program and to hear about your findings. Keep us posted on anything else you discover.

As for your comments/suggestions, we appreciate them and will make note. The site will likely go through redesigns in the future and your feedback will be taken into consideration.

With that being said, you can embed hand picked offers into your site to have full control over what is displayed to your audience. By knowing your audience, this will likely have better results. The offer catalog would help you to find the offers to fit best.

Don't forget, you can ask your account manager if you need anything specific.