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How to add new sites into my Revresponse account? I have a bunch of old sites that I'm considering to use RevResponse. Currently only using one site. I do not want to setup an entire RevResponse page, I just want to know how to add more URLs into my account, add the code into those sites and start earning from any leads.
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You can add as many sites as you'd like to your RevResponse account. We'd provide you with partner (TradePub) URLs for each site you provide. Then you'd simply promote with offers from those partner domains on the relative sites.

You are also welcome to promote our offers from your original account with us on any site that you own or operate. It is not necessary to set up additional URLs for each site you have. If you're looking to track which of your sites performs best, then adding pages to your account is best.

If you'd like to add sites to your account simply email me with those URLs at Please add a link to your current partner page to any URL you submit. That will allow me to verify that you do own the site you are requesting to have added.

Let me know if you have other questions.