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Hi, I have two question about my front page. How to make my index page displaying featured magazine like http://everythingwebrelated.tradepub.com/ or http://seppgoo.tradepub.com/ while my index page only displaying technical documents http://pdfoo.tradepub.com/ second how to customize CSS style template like http://shoemoney.tradepub.com/ Thanks
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Hi pdfoo. Our team has made your requested changes. How does this look:

Let me know if you have any changes you like made.

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Okay Karen, now you've really peaked my interest.

I see that http://shoemoney.tradepub.com/ has an advertising banner. I want one too, can AdSense be placed into the site?

The changes you made for PFDoo are great, it seems you used their website template. With their link to the publications everything appears transparent. Good work.

What do I need to do for something similar?

Best Regards,
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Glad your interest has been peaked =)

Shoemoney has an advertising banner on his co-branded site because he has one on his homepage. When we build the co-branded pages to look like your site, we try to sync up as many elements as possible. For instance, you currently are running a Google Ad (Today's New Headlines) in the header of your site. If we upgrade you to a new look and feel, we can transfer that ad space over. If, at a later date, you swap out that ad tag or change your ad server, you'd need to let us know so we can swap it over on your co-brand since that is hosted by us. We’re working on some slick stuff that would even remove that step from the process... stay tuned for an update.

You can run AdSense, or any other ad network, on any of your own pages while running our promotions. If you'd like to maintain your AdSense elements on your co-branded page, please let me know and I'll make that request when asking our team to upgrade your site.

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WOW! That was fast!

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Wow. I like what was done to pdfoo. How can I do that to mine? Plus, is it allowed to put third party (ad network) to our tradepub site? If yes, how? Thanks.

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You can easily edit the look and feel of your site using the site wizard referenced earlier in this thread. The link is also always available to you in your left-hand navigation of the RevResponse site.

Yes, you can add 3rd party ad networks into your site template.


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Wow! I love those 2 branded sites you showed above. I hope I can have mine changed as well.

I contacted Vince about Adsense, but I got no reply.

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Hi Mary_Freebies,

You can easily edit the look and feel of your site by using our Site Setup Wizard. The link to the wizard is below:


While you're editing your site, you're free to add AdSense into the site template.

Vince was out of the office on Friday and is traveling today for a meeting. If you need anything else today, please feel free to respond on the forum and someone will be sure to lend a hand.


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Thanks Karen, I enjoy with this look.