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Hi Karen, A few days ago, I installed my link in my website, In the first 3 days, I earned $54.65--not bad for a start-up, I suppose. What concerns me though, is that, I seem to have a very high rejection rate: 73%. Any suggestions on how I could improve this? Since this revenue source looks very promising, I am in the process of creating a webpage specifically to promote this. I intend to optimize this page to rank high in the SEs. Cheers, Ismael Tabije, Publisher
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Hi Ismael,
Unfortunately, there is not cut-and-dry way to solve the rejection rate problem. But we can make a few suggestions. First, the widgets you're running on your pages are great. Those are geographically targeted and definitely help promote our offers and keep rejects based on geography low.

All of our offers have varying rejection criteria. Your account manager, Laurie Sparango, looked into the subscriptions you've generated and it looks like the majority of the rejects are due to geographic ineligibility. The reason this is happening, most likely, is from the link at the bottom of your homepage. You take your audience to the executive and management page within your co-branded site. We suggest you take them to the homepage of your co-branded site. This page prioritizes your offers and promotes the ones with the highest approval/conversion rates for you.

Additionally, if you plan to promote a specific magazine or white paper, you'll want to check if it is internationally available before you direct link to it. You can find the international offers by clicking the "international eligibility" link under "Geography" in the left navigation of your page. Those offers can be seen on here:

If you continue to see a high reject rate and/or have additional specific questions, feel free to contact your account manager, Laurie, at

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Hi Karen,

Now I know why I had a very high initial rejection rate. Even if my site's visitors are 85% coming from the USA, a majority of my article notification subscribers are coming from outside the USA.

So when I sent a broadcast email to all my article subscribers about my free subscription offer, most of those who applied were rejected by virtue of their geographical location.

I should have made it clear that those from outside the USA should apply only for the internationally eligible publications (but I was not aware of it at that time).

Thanks and best regards,