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I don't mean to sound dumb - but I am having a hard time interpreting the Reports by Time Period. In the final column (EPF), the daily totals do not add up to the monthly total. The final, total eEPF is 1/2 of what the daily totals add up to.
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Hello FreeNClear,

It's not a dumb question...

The eEPF column stands for Effective Earnings Per Form. This number is the average revenue you are making for each qualified form submitted. As you may have already noticed, you stand to generate revenue from the CoReg offers being promoted on the bottom of the form(s) in addition to the revenue generated from the primary offer your user is requesting.

The eEPF column will constantly fluctuate daily seeing that every offer we make available pays out at a different rate. Because this statistic takes into consideration the following formula (Earnings divided by # of Subs/Leads), this statistic can not be totaled in the manner you are describing. To manually gain the total for that column (which is already provided to you), you'd need to simply take the total Earnings for the period in question and divide that number by your total Subs/Leads.

I hope this helps to address your question.


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Thanks :) I appreciate your quick reply and assistance.