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You're looking to promote an eBook, white paper or magazine to your audience and you want to find the hottest resources in your category. How would you do it and what are your choices?

Your first option? The Offer Catalog page. In this section, you can specify the following:

Offer Catalog page screenshot
  • Category of your content. The more specific you are, the better. For example, a marketing blogger would select "Sales & Marketing". An IT forum may choose "IT - Software & Development" and so on.
  • The Country that drives the most traffic to your site. For the majority, it'll be the same Country where you reside. Check your Google Analytics data just in case. This is important as it'll inform you of the "Country" filter imposed by the Client and will help cut down on your number of rejected leads.
  • The type of offers you want to promote. There are three options - publications (which are magazines) and white papers which encompass eBooks, newsletters, guides, and so on. The default is "All" which is what we would recommend.
  • The Sort By field will have the highest impact on your offer results. Here you can view offers by earning potential, payout per lead, or popularity. Most partners opt for the first two selections. We recommend selecting "Popularity." Here's why - earning potential and payout per lead focus on how much you can make, not necessarily the resource your readers would be interested in. Arranging the offers by popularity gives you direct visibility on the material your readers are attracted to. While the earning potential and payout per lead could be less, your volume will likely be higher. Think of it this way - would you rather have a few high payouts come in or a consistent flow of low payout offers? Promoting the popular offers will offset the lower generating payouts.
  • The "Show Only" dropdown allows you to pinpoint active offers, new offers, or expired offers. We suggest keeping the first option. You can play around with the second to look for new recommendations. In case you're wondering why we allow visibility into expired offers, it's so you can view offers you may have promoted and have gone down since.
  • The Keyword field can also skew the results in your offer. Use it to submit keywords that relate to your content. Let's say you're a developer and you just wrote a post related to Linux. Use that keyword to find offers related to the topic. Or you're an Apple fanboy/fangirl that wants to share iPad tips. Typing "iPad" will yield many results. Remember - the more relevant you are to your audience, the more revenue you will generate as well.

Besides the Offer Catalog, you can also add a prepopulated grid of our hottest offers to a blog post, confirmation page, thank you page, 404 page - pretty much anywhere you see fit. It's useful in that it shows a variety of related offers which can increase click-through from visitors depending on their interest. An example is shown below. Head over to the Confirmation/Thank you Page Tool or talk to your Account Manager about how you can get a custom widget just for your site.

Screenshot of a confirmation page custom pubstream module

In addition, don't forget about our Resource Library (Note: Please use a browser other than Chrome). This tool is available in the Tools Wizard and allows you to add a Resources page to your navigation or footer full of content for your readers. We even brand it to fit the look and feel of your site.

Resource Library screenshot example
By utilizing the steps above, you'll be on your way to optimizing your revenue making potential. Questions? Comments? Let us know below.
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