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How I can see traffic report? (clicks and impressions)
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Good morning, netfinance. Thank you for your participation on the forum and for your question. At this time, RevResponse does not provide a traffic report. You can see how you're faring with the Report by Offer and the Report by Time Period. With those you can see what publications are being requested most and how you've done on a certain day, week, etc. Additionally, if you're looking for more specific tracking of promotions you do, you could consider adding channel codes to your ads and links. For more information about channel codes, read this.

In the future, we will be moving forward with more detailed tracking data on impressions, clicks, and other data points but it will still be some time before we’re ready to roll that out. It’s on our radar and we know this is important. We're reviewing a solution that could help us make significant strides in this area but it's still going to be some time.

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if you can also provide the domain referrer on the stats and where they actually signed up that would be cool.

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That would be a cool feature. We'll see what we can do as we move forward.

You can do something similar with the channel codes I mention above. Add channel codes to your promotions and then you can track where your signups are coming from.