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I have joined RevResponse last Month...Almost after one month my statistics are 4 Successful Subscription and Whooping 34 Failed Subscription... I Just say WOW I managed to get 38 (4 + 34) people to go and try to subscribe the magazines.... How I managed to Get So many people within 1 months...First I run this site: Though this site is also new and I don't have much visitors (Even less than the no. of people I managed to convince them to subscribe magazines) ... So As you can see I was really thrilled that I can convince people for some thing.... So How I managed to get Subscription...Well I am also members of so many other Groups that helps me understand various things in world... So suppose I am member of a HR group in YahooGroups... I suggested them to go and subscribe for HR related Newsletter/Ebooks/Magazines etc. from this site... What I am doing is Marketing Fundamentals...I have a Product and I find the Right People and Try to find Right Place to convince people... Ok my subscriptions failed there could be various reasons...One could be those subscriptions doesnt cater to my Audiance Country...or could be various reason... Who says making money is easy...I takes time and effort...I think I am good with it and I am also happy with the 6 dollars I earned out of 4 subscription and I am thrilled with my efforts... I am sure with this post I also convince you to visit my blogs so that I can improve my Blog Visitors count ;-) I am sure my above post will be encouraging to people who didnt find success yet...don't get discouraged...I am sure everyone here will see some success in their life... Good Luck Shoumik
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Hi Shoumik,

You have done a great job so far getting traffic to your co-branded site and encouraging users to sign up for our offers. It looks like you are off to a good start with your blogs as well.

From what I can see on the two blogs you listed, you have posted about our free offers in the past but there is nothing on the homepage that would direct your audience to your co-branded page. I recommend adding a link in the top navigation of that directs your users to "free business magazines" and links to your co-branded site. It would give your users an extra opportunity to subscribe.

Keep up the great work!