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In my site, I have some specific sections like - DB, Network Security, Robotics etc. I want to directly link to some individual Subscriptions like - Only one subscription, not the entire category. How to do so ?
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Go to Ad Wizard, Then Select Offer Wizard. Find the single offer you want and click Select this offer. After that click Build my ad. Done...

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I have already tested the procedure you said.

Problems -

1. It is still building a BLOCK (250 X 250) which contains 2 Ads. One that I have selected and another which I didn't.

2. This BLOCK (250 X 250) is not compatible with my site template.

What I want is very very simple - a simple direct URL.
E.g. -
This URL I used to refer for the Oracle Magazine

I want similar system

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I suggest you to use this code:

<STYLE type=text/css>
img.cover {width:45px;height:60px;}
</STYLE><script language="javascript" src=""></script>

Change the code in strong code:

?ptnr=adiska with your partner page and &offers=nasa with the offers you want to build. For the partner page, example of mine is adiska is my partner page and for the offers example nasa is the code of the free publication offers.

The example of this code I used on sidebar of my Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 blog.

I hope this will help you :D

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You can also change the dimension of the picture. width:45px;height:60px; with the dimension you want I've already try default image dimension provided by tradepub like 80px × 106px and 114px × 150px

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Hi iosoft,
I'm happy to help provide you with direct links to promote. Can you first tell me what site you are promoting our content on? I'll be following up with you shortly via email to be sure that we set you up with a partner TradePub page to coordinate with the site you're promoting on.