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Hi Karen, I'm not sure if the answer to my query is already found somewhere in this site. But I can't seem to find it. It's clear to me that we get paid at least $1.50 per free subscription we bring. May I ask for the commission rates for paid subscriptions by our subscribers? Further, will we still be paid commissions for their future subscription renewals? Best regards, Ismael
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Hi Ismael -
Unfortunately at this time we're not detailing the payouts for specific offers. We report how many leads you generated and your total revenue but we don't break that down by which offer brought in which specific payout. While we don't divulge this information at this time, you can be sure that you will always generate the guaranteed minimum of $1.50 per qualified form submitted and as you can see in your earnings report, in many cases you're earning much more. Your ability to generate more than the guaranteed minimum is directly tied to the kinds of offers your audience are interested in.

In general, magazines tend to payout on the lower end of the spectrum while downloadable content like white papers and such definitely payout on the higher end of the spectrum. But, just because an offer pays well it doesn’t necessarily correlate into your audience being as interested in requesting the offer and the criteria is often harder to match. It’s all about finding a balance that works for both your earning expectations and your audiences needs.

As for your questions about being paid for renewals, the answer is a little tricky. If your subscriber gets a magazine for a year and then decides to renew with the magazine company, you will not earn another commission (neither will we). If they come back through your site to get a second subscription you'll get paid for that sub. Also, if a site visitor signs up for multiple subscriptions, you'll be paid for each one they qualify for.

Keep up the great work!

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Hi Karen,

Perhaps I should make my inquiry clearer by an example.

If my co-branded site guest gets brought to the Forbes magazine page and applies and gets approved for 2 free issues, I get at least $1.50, right? The Forbes site says the free subscriber has the option to receive 24 more issues at $29.99. Question: do we receive a commission if this sale is consummated?

I'm asking this because another online magazine store gives out at least 40% commission for sales of affiliates. In contrast I haven't seen any sales commission table of revresponse.

Another question: If a free subscription applicant is rejected but he/she is willing to pay for the subscription, are we allowing that? If yes, are we paid commission on the same?



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Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, if a site guest gets approved for free issues of Forbes magazine through your site you will get at least $1.50. However, if that same guest subscribes for the additional issues through Forbes, we do not pay a cut of the commission. The reason for that is that we don't get a cut of that commission either so we can't pay it out. That 24 paid issues is a completely separate offer from Forbes publishers and isn't something that we are in cahoots with (unfortunately).

The difference between us, and the other online store you are referring to, is that what we offer is free to your guests. You get paid without having to sell anything.

As for your last question about rejected applicants, we cannot pay a commission on something that we don't have access to. If that guest is willing to pay for a subscription, they'll have to go directly to the magazine publisher. Since we aren't the publisher, we don't get paid for that, and therefore can't pass revenue that we don't have on to you.

Does that help?

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Yup, things are quite clear to me now.

Thanks for the prompt replies.