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I'm an oldtimer from Tradepub days so my site is full of now-broken links. So I want to upgrade the links if those magazine offers still exist. But I see no way to search RevResponse for them. For each old link I am trying to update, I am finding myself manually running through a list of 458 current offers in the Catalog of Offers, which I can't even sort alphabetically. It would take hours for each one. Surely there is a way to search or a way to alphabetically sort -- what I'm doing currently is madness :-)
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What you're currently doing does sound a little like madness. Hopefully I can help. We're looking to add a search feature to the offer catalog but until that time you can search for offers using your partner page.

Your partner URL is: You'll see a search box on the left side of that page. You can search for the specific offers you're looking for there. If you're still having trouble locating the magazines, let me know or contact your account manager, Laurie (

Hope this helps!