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We recently published a blog post exploring how we help publishers monetize certain pages on their site, specifically their confirmation, registration or thank you pages. This entry explores how partners can use RevResponse in conjunction with their existing email campaign software. AWeber, Mailchimp and similar tools provide marketers the ability to collect the emails of their subscribers and share their content with their readers. Whether it's to register for upcoming content, publish their RSS feed or assimilate the latest news, they provide a capability to allow readers to receive the information in a convenient manner. One of our offerings to help partners monetize this aspect is through what we have named the "PubStream widget." Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to earn revenue with this process, no matter which email marketing solution you utilize.

1) Determine the pages you want to monetize

Your email campaign software generates extra pages per your specifications that appear in between actions. The typical ones include "Activate Your Subscription", "Subscription Activated", "Thank you for downloading or subscribing or registering to [X]." They are one of the most underutilized modes for monetization which can sometimes become a partner's highest source of revenue.
activate your subscription - plain

2) Contact your Account Manager to get your PubStream widget code

After you decide which pages you'd like to take advantage of, contact your account manager to get your personalized PubStream widget code. Your account manager will work with you to generate the code, ensuring it's relevant to your content as well as your readers' interest. Don't remember who your account manager is? Log into RevResponse.com, click on Account Details and her or his name will be displayed at the top of the page.

3) Add the code to your pages

Now that you have the pages and code, it's time to integrate it into your page. For this example, we'll assume you're using AWeber. The best way is to create a new page on your site with similar messaging as what's displayed on the existing confirmation page from your email marketing provider. Examples are shown above. Feel free to customize them and add your own personality or sense of humor to the message. Next, click on List Settings -> Verified Opt-in anad enter the page URL you created in the appropriate field. For an easy to follow video, click here. Contact us or your email solution provider if you'd like assistance with this.
active your subscription revresponse page

4) Start generating additional revenue!

You're all set. Now it's a matter of earning supplemental revenue from these pages that would have otherwise been left unattended. Not only can you notify your readers of their action status, you also allow them to enjoy free, valuable content that is useful to them. It's easier than you thought, isn't it? Your account manager would be happy to provide you with more information and help you get started. For a method that automates, manages and monetizes newsletters, be sure to look at our RSS to Email tool.
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Is this option available for feed burner subscription channel

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Hi Akilash,

Feedburner does not allow for this capability as they do not give much control to their users. If you've thought of switching, consider our RSS to Email tool that does it automatically - http://www.revresponse.com/rss-to-email-tool.