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Hi everyone, I would like to utilize a three column page and I made some changes to my page description in the HTML header, but my changes will not go live. Is there something I'm missing here. Thanks to all in advance for your help.
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Thank you for the clarification regarding the columns. But, how about the changes I would like to make in the HTML header? I would like to change the page description at the top of the home page. Thanks

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Can you tell me what changes you've attempted to make within the site setup wizard that you don't see on your live page?

We can see that you made a few text changes to the header and added some keywords and a page title. Were there other changes as well?

Once you clarify what is missing we will be able to fix the issue. Thank you for your patience.

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Yes, the changes that I would like to make are in the header HTML: keywords, title, etc.