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We have an important announcement for you regarding the upcoming Google HTTPS secure site changes. In October 2017, Google will be increasing the emphasis and notifications displayed on non-secure pages. This is focused on any page that includes a data capture element. To read more about the Google update, click here.

We highly recommend that you take time to review the planned update and make your site secure if it is not already, as this update will negatively affect the experience on your site as well as your reputation with Google.

RevResponse will be making several updates of our own to ensure that our entire publisher syndication network is compliant. Most importantly, we are working to ensure that your promotions will be unaffected and your audience will continue to receive a seamless experience.

Over the next two weeks, we will be transitioning all publisher subdomains that are not already secure to a secure subdomain. Additionally, all offer and image URLs found within the RevResponse Offer Catalog will be converted to HTTPS. This change is tentatively planned for Thursday, October 5th.

What You Need to Do:

  • If your website is not already secure, please work on updating your own website.
  • Notify your Account Manager once you have made your site secure. Contact us >
  • Contact your Account Manager with questions regarding custom subdomains. Contact us >

Look for our communication next week once the updates are complete within the RevResponse and all publisher sites have been made secure.

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