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I currently have set up for my site at I would like to add an additional website to my Revresponse account that I think would be a good fit. It is a job listing and resource site. Trade publications are a good resource for job seekers, particularly in the catagories of Continuing Development Certification and Degree Programs and Professional Development Courses, Interviews and Training. It is still under development but I plan to be out of beta within the next few days. The url is As with, I would like to co-brand it to fit the look and feel of the site. Thanks!
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Hi rsavoia,

Let us know as soon as your site is complete and we'll create another co-branded site for you.



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I completed the site but just now got around to visiting the forums again to let you know. The url is Could you build the co-branded site please? Thanks!

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Hi Rsavoia,

We have built you a new cobranded site for You may now promote using Please feel free to reach out with any questions.